Winter Musings

Winter can be so magical, can’t it? Of course, we could focus on the cold, blustery wind, the tiresome shoveling of the sidewalk or the need to warm up the car in the early mornings…but I’d rather not. As I watch the snow fall with my two-month old snoozing away, I am overcome by the quiet and hushed tones of winter, reminding us to slow down, breathe & take note of the year nearly gone & the year ahead.

With my new role of motherhood, I have delved into a whole new world of health and wellness, from diapers to clothes to toys to food. I have also been thinking a lot about how to shape our new life…what will play look like? Discipline? How do we make informed decisions about these things?

In the new year I plan to make more room for creative endeavors that also contribute to my family’s well-being. Jillian does not have art class at school anymore, so we plan on doing more art at home. I also have decided I want to learn to sew this year…and take my knitting beyond the scarf! Gardening again will be must and I look forward to getting together with our positive-intentions mastermind group, many of whose children also happen to comprise our kids’ Good Life Scouts.

One inspiration I have found recently, in trying to envision this year ahead, is Amanda Blake Soule, author of soulemama blog as well as several books (I asked for a few for Christmas). I am finishing The Creative Family and am inspired by her parenting and her ability to create such a magical life for her children. I’m doubly impressed because with one baby I’m having trouble getting the basics done, let alone crafting, creating & making food with five! I have much to learn!

I came across Amanda Blake Soule’s writing in Taproot, another fantastic publication filled with the beauty of homesteading, crafting, cooking and living more in tune with the world beneath our feet. In my journey toward a wellness-based lifestyle, I am more and more interested in these kinds of paths. I am excited to see where these paths will take me & my family.

So as I sign off today, the snow is still falling, harder it seems, and I am still musing, dreaming & scheming. What are you dreaming about for 2013? Where will it take you?



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