Ch ch ch changes!

2013 has been busy for us so far! We are renovating our office space and creating a better layout for health workshops and an area for exercises – it is exciting, but labor intensive.

Today, new carpet is going down…walls have been shifted, desk moved, and walls painted. All that’s left is to re-hang pictures and organize. Easier said than done with a two-month old. In my pre-baby days I’d go in there, power through and have it all in tip top shape in no time. Lately I need to space it out and try to carefully plan when daddy can take him for a little bit. Since I am breast feeding I am always on call!

Thankfully, we’ve had lots of helpers so we are not going it alone. Soon we will be all back together and I think it will make a big difference to our team and our patients – helping us get our message of wellness (a healthy nervous system, taking care of our emotional life, eating well and exercising) to more if the community!

Will share pictures when it is all back together!


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