Filling up my cup!

The weekend’s restorative effects are still with me – all the way to Wednesday! By the end of last week I was feeling a bit overwhelmed & emotionally drained. As probably most new moms experience…this is hard work and an entire shift in how one’s time is spent & getting used to new demands. With the renovations at the office, Joe has been justifiably busy & I was feeling a bit exhausted.

Thankfully, the weekend provided just what I needed! Time with friends, time in nature & just a little time for myself!

Saturday afternoon we made our way to friends who live in a beautiful wooded setting. With the chickens to greet us and kids playing throughout the house, I knew we were in for a good time. Dinner is always excellent at this house & I had made fresh guacamole to share, but my favorite moments were spent by their fire, knitting, nursing & visiting.

Sunday I carved out a little alone time. Joe hung with Ronan while I went to yoga! It was a challenge since it had been a while, but it felt so right to get back on the mat – I felt ready for anything! That afternoon included a brief walk & then an impromptu dinner with another friend & her kids. Joe made venison stir fry & it was a delicious end to a very lively and lovely weekend.

Upon reflecting on how much better I feel, I am reminded just how important it is to make time for yourself as we’ll as connect with your friends. It’s too hard to go it alone! I am taking these lessons to heart & trying to bring a little of that peace & connection into my every day.

What do you do when feeling frazzled? How do you ground yourself and restore calm? Everyone is different, but we all need to focus more on the things that help us handle stress. This world gets busier every day – it’s so important that we slow down & reconnect a little every day too!



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