Getting Down to Business

As anyone who has read the “about” section knows, this blog is about the many facets of wellness. I believe that to be truly successful, we need to be working toward & achieving goals in all the categories in our life & one of those is financial. While the number & type of categories may differ for you overall, I think most of us need to have a financial category – yet many of us avoid thinking about it, let alone setting goals in the area if our life!

I am fortunate to have investors in my family who are always at the ready with advice & slight prodding. While I have dabbled in some investing before (mutual funds, attending Rich Dad & Millionaire Mind Seminars, paid-up riders on life insurance ala “be your own banker,” and real estate) for the most part I have let much investing intimidate me & haven’t spent the time it takes to educate myself.

Come 2013 I have made it a goal to keep finances & investing in the forefront of my mind. I plan to learn more about stocks (& invest in them), utilize the investments I have now, save more & work on creating passive income streams, which is how I believe we can become financially free – being able to work because we choose to, not because we have to – my ultimate financial goal.

To start working to these ends, & upon suggestion if my investing relatives, I subscribed to two financial publications this year, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Today, the first of the WSJ Weekend arrived & I had a little time to start reading with my Jaya Yoga mug filled with yummy decaf chai tea (a little yin yang balance there, eh?).

I decided to go with the weekend version due to my typical schedule & our new baby – it will probably take me all week to get through it. But it’s a start! The journey begins with a single step, right?

Do you have financial goals for 2013? Do you avoid thinking about your finances? What small steps are you taking to move forward in this area of your life?




One thought on “Getting Down to Business

  1. Terra! I love this! Not only are you a fabulous writer and its so easy to read but you are inspiring! And giving others information, insight and encouragement to be happier and healthier!! I love you!!!
    You’re AMAZING!
    Also meant to tell you a drop of thieves in the too if your young and press it to the roof of your mouth is good for headaches too- and yes thank goodness for peppermint! It so ‘cools’ me off when I have a stress headache.

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