Meditative Monday

Talk about crazy week…that last post was supposed to be published on Saturday! Yikes…here’s to a calmer, more productive & exciting week ahead.

I have been reading The Secret Letters if the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari this weekend & am, of course, inspired & thinking about how to apply it all to my life & work. Sharma’s books are filled with life lessons & the one most in my mind today is this:

Make Small Daily Progress
The way we do small things determines the way that we do everything. If we execute our minor tasks well, we will also excel at our larger efforts. Mastery then becomes our way of being. But more than this–each tiny effort builds on the next, so that brick by brick, magnificent things can be created, great confidence grows and uncommon dreams are realized. The truly wise recognize that small daily improvements always lead to exceptional results over time.

-Robin Sharma

I have been thinking about the truth in this…and how we so often ignore this & become frustrated when things don’t happen fast enough. Whether wealth, or business, or learning a new skill, we want it all to be here already! Why is it taking so long? Then we begin to doubt. Ourselves & our vision. And most of the time this is enough to stop progress in its tracks.

However, as I watch my 3 month old slowly, incrementally, discover his hands, be able to hold up his head, start making adorable little sounds…I know that these baby steps (pun intended) will lead to him making things, walking & talking eventually. One day builds on the next. We cannot make it happen faster – nature & the universe have their own time. But we can support & nourish these small steps toward the exciting results & know we will get there.

For us & our goals, it is the same. We can’t always have our dreams become reality overnight simply by dreaming them. But through attention, support & making steps toward them every day, we will attain them. Believe in yourself, keep faith in your vision, & do what it takes! You will get there.

What are you working toward this week?


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