“Excited” to Try New Remedy

Ok, ‘excited’ may not be the word because I was not crazy about getting sick. However, it did give me a good opportunity to try out my Young Living Essential Oils! When I started feeling under the weather, could they stave off a full blown cold?

The answer is yes! At the first signs (for me it’s sinuses, irritated throat & feeling run down) I started with my new kit. Thieves oil on the bottoms of my feet, in the humidifier & a drop on my tongue. Peppermint & lemon in my tea for sinuses & immune support… And lavender on the back of my neck & shoulders to relax so I could go early to bed. Luckily little Ronan cooperated as well!

By the next morning I felt much better, which was great because my mom was up visiting this weekend & I wanted to be able to go out & hang with her at our favorite Scranton spots without feeling yucky. I continued the Thieves to make sure to rid myself of the bug (the oil has antiviral & antibacterial properties) & have been going strong ever since!

I’m grateful for my friend for turning me on to these – what an education I’ve had in the past week or so. Here, I’ve always thought essential oils were nice smelly stuff- I had no idea the science behind them & the wide range of benefits they can have. I’m happy to have them in my wellness toolbox!

I’d love to hear more about your essential oils success stories. How do you use oils if you do?


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