Monday’s Meditation: Just Do It!

Thanks Nike!

Words of wisdom from our sneakers. How many if us are procrastinating or hesitating on our dreams? How often do you hold yourself back? Stop! Just do it!

I just came home from my first talk on Young Living Oils. As many of you know, I recently started using & learning about them & have started working on building them as a business. As recently as last Thursday I was thinking I should postpone, put it off…wait until I know more or am better prepared. Then something inside me spoke up and said, “just do it! Dive in, what’s the worst that can happen?” So I did. And everything turned out great!

We had a few people come & were definitely interested. I’ll be following up with everyone in the next couple days. But mostly I am pleased with my presentation – it was a simple introduction to oils. I did fine and best if all, my presentation will be even better next time. I learned a lot & had fun!

So my thoughts today are to “just do it!” It doesn’t need to be perfect before you start…just start. Something, anything, and you’ll be one step closer to your goals!


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