Sorry I have been MIA this week, I have been consumed with worrying about our cat, Gizzy, who is also MIA. It has been a struggle to stay positive & light & to be in the mood to write when I’ve been worrying over whether he is okay & if we will ever see him again.

Fortunately I have a little one who smiles a lot & commands my attention so it’s been a distraction. I am doing my best to think positive thoughts & ‘see’ Gizzy coming home. It has caused me to think a lot about pets, loss, & how I think I’d have a hard time as a farmer, even though I idealize many who are a part of this newer movement toward homesteading. Death of animals – death in general – is a part of life.

Mostly I’ve been thinking about grieving & how to move forward when a pet simply disappears. I have never had a pet pass who I couldn’t bury – and it’s very possible he is not dead. Cats get that whole 9 lives schtick for a reason! So when do we actually grieve? When do we move on? I’m thinking of having a small ceremony for him, but is it too soon?

In the meantime I will stay focused on all the good around me – the kindness of neighbors & mail carriers who are all on the lookout. Staying as positive as possible I think is one of the keys to life; that & love. And when I think of Gizzy, there’s a whole lotta love.


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