Meditative Monday – Don’t Buy the Cheap Seed

My husband and I love to watch the birds while we eat breakfast. We hang a bird feeder off the clothesline in the winter and the birds usually flock to it, emptying it as fast as we can fill it. The past few weeks we have been out of seed and kept meaning to stop at our local Agway and get some. Over the weekend we were at Lowe’s and, trying to get a “good deal,” I went for the bigger bag for less money version of bird seed.

Big mistake…

The birds have hardly stopped to notice our full bird feeder. It’s all the small stuff they usually throw on the ground anyway. Joe & I discussed this and have already come up with a plan – now we need to go buy the expensive back of the black seed in order to mix it in with our ‘filler,’ just to get rid of it. So we will end up spending more money than we would have if we just bought the good bird seed in the first place.

Lesson learned.

This leads me to thinking about all the different ways this applies in our life. So often we look for the shortcut or the good deal and miss the big picture entirely. Food, for example. Our society has placed such an emphasis on convenience and speed when it comes to our food – we have completely lost touch with really good, delicious, home grown &  home-made food. In the short run, sure it’s great…quick and convenient and I didn’t have to exert a lot of effort. In the long run, I am convinced it is a major cause in the dis-ease, physically, chemically & emotionally in our world. The time and effort is worth it.

Our family has been eating a lot of take-out recently. Whether it’s because of poor planning, poor shopping or just plain laziness, I don’t know. But I am  making a commitment today to get back to our previously healthier habits. I’ll keep you posted this week as I get back to basics.

There are many ways not buying the cheap seed can apply in our lives. Clothing, furniture, any product, really. As it says in Caravia, my local grocery store, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” So treat yourselves well today and every day. Whether it’s the food you put in your body or the materials next to your skin. Don’t skimp – it’s better for your (and those birds) health!


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