Meditative Monday

Rain then sun. Cold then warm. Light and dark. Good and…better days (as my yoga teacher would say). The natural ebb and flow.

This weekend we finally saw signs of spring! Some warmer weather is on it’s way, not moment too soon. Sometimes I get discouraged and frustrated with myself if I’m not always “up,” positive, happy, enthusiastic. I’ve been struggling with this, especially in terms of the subject if money, but I’ve also realized in the past week I’ve let myself stop dreaming big. I’ve become so focused on the here & now (which I’m ever so grateful for) that I’ve been scared to push the envelope. To ask for more. To dream bigger.

For this, I’ve been hard on myself. But after a mastermind meeting and a few conversations later, I am starting to move in the right direction, dreaming, smiling & excited. Thank goodness for good friends.

And I’m not going to be too hard on myself for veering away from positivity for a bit. It’s natural, I think, like the seasons, like the tide, like everything in nature. Sometimes we have to re-group, remember, regain our confidence. Sometimes we need a break before coming back stronger.

So here’s to spring, to allowing ourselves to falter a bit, but always coming back to happiness, to sunshine & to growth.


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