Regaining Momentum

Some of you may have noticed my absence of late and I do apologize! Something has been holding me back, and as is so often the answer…it was me. Call it stalling, procrastination, a lapse in confidence or whatever it was, it was me holding me back. Feeling unsure of the direction for this blog, unsure of my ability to contribute something meaningful, unsure of whether what I have to say needs to be said at all…the list could probably go on.

However…STOP! You do not come here for my insecurities, you come here for information, for insight and perhaps just for fun. So I am back and renewed in my resolve to post on here my wellness journey and, I suppose, this insecurity was part of it, so you get to know about it. 😉

So what do you do when feeling insecure? I usually turn to my books of inspiration, my journal, my husband and perhaps a good friend. This time, I found my answer in Robin Sharma’s book, “The Greatness Guide” (can you tell I read him a lot?). I recently started this book over – it has snippets of wisdom and two-page chapters so it’s easy to read and re-read. In the beginning he writes that he is “no guru.” Just an ordinary man who has made it his mission to help others rise to greatness. He resists the term guru because he doesn’t want others to feel they are any different from him – that they cannot accomplish what they set out to do.

It was in this chapter that I realized my insecurity: what right do I have to write in here wellness information, lessons, ideas, or philosophy? What makes me so important? And then it hit me…I’m not. And either is anyone else who takes the stage and stands up for various causes, ideas or information. But, everyone started somewhere and if I have information or advice or a part of my journey that others find helpful, then it is my duty to share it. People may take it or leave it. I may be wrong sometimes, and I may seem crazy – but this is my journey, and I hope to help others.

So, I’m back. And I am going to work on that insecurity bit…just like everyone else.


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