Garden is Started!!!

Okay…okay – if you are a gardener, you are probably thinking, “Really? I started weeks ago!” I tend to be a little late on the gardening motivation at the beginning of the year. But once I have some vegetable plants in hand, I am ready.

Joe & I cleared the garden (stuff that should have been done last fall), dumped one of our compost bins, and tilled it all in. Then I put down some weed blocker – weeding is so not my thing – around some of the perennials in the garden. Yesterday was a perfect day to do this – it was beautiful! Sun was out, there was a light breeze and no rain.

This morning, however, I woke up to cloudy skies. I decided I needed to get going right away or I’d lose my opportunity today so I grabbed my tea, gardening gloves, and plants and headed down. I was able to plant the zucchini and tomatoes before the rain started. I also added some flowers to my window boxes. So, thank you, rain – you were able to motivate me to get right out there. I feel like I started my day in a really positive way.

Hopefully tomorrow morning will provide a little time before the rain as well. Do any of you garden? What are you excited to plant this year?


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