CSA Day #1

Right now, with a steady rain falling, is a perfect afternoon for tea, candles & reading Taproot. I am thoroughly enjoying this day today – perhaps I am enjoying it extra due to the Gratitude blend essential oil I put on this morning? I believe so.

So much to be grateful for! I spent midday with some great friends, surrounded by farm fresh veggies, artisan breads & beautiful plants at one of our local farmer’s markets today. I worked some of my hours for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) which started today! Yay! So excited to have fresh & grown with love vegetables delivered every week for the next 20 weeks. This year we have joined Hemlock Creek Farm and I’m really excited to be a part of it.

I already made the garlic and greens dish recommended by Stephanie of the CSA and it was delicious and so easy…I simply sautéed chopped green garlic, then threw in the pan some watercress and mixed greens – added a little salt & water (I didn’t have the recommended broth) until wilted and voila!

Now, with my little one softly napping, I’m going to return to my tea and dream of what else I can make from today’s bounty.





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