Meditative Monday

My meditation today is gratitude. In fact, I have taken up the ‘challenge’ of writing 100 thing I’m grateful for every day. This is harder than it sounds, and I’ve yet to make it to 100, but I’m determined to make it a habit.

I am reading several books right now about goal-setting, network marketing (for my Young Living business) and creating the life I want…it’s awesome & inspiring, but also a little overwhelming. Between working on goals and my new business, working at the office, cooking, gardening and, oh yeah…taking care of an eight-month old…it feels like a lot. It is a lot. And it sometimes goes by in a blur.

I am using this gratitude exercise to help anchor me in love and appreciation, and also to slow me down and make me look around. It feels good. I might not always make it to 100, but feeling grateful even for one thing is a great place to be!

I challenge you to try it. Start with just 10 a day. See what happens!


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