Inspiration Overload

Can one read too many self-improvement books at one time? Maybe. But it’s fun.

After going to Utah for the Young Living Convention a few weeks ago, I have been inspired to pick up a number of very cool books. One of which is titled “Oola: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World” by Dave Braun & Troy Amdahl. I’ve found this book to be a fun and quick read, with an easy-to-follow guide to creating and reaching your goals.

To add to the book, Young Living created two Essential Oils, OolaGrow and OolaBalance to help with the goal planning and attaining. They smell great and definitely feel good to use. Balance at night while reviewing ones’ plans. Grow in the morning to inspire action towards your dreams. Totally up my alley!

I also have a three-month membership to their website I’m going to try. I’ll keep you posted on my path to the OolaLife!

What are some of your favorite goal-setting tips? What do you do to keep yourself moving in the direction of your dreams?


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