Meditative Monday

Meditative Monday is almost over at this point, but I can’t help but think about how it’s often the unexpected things that end up being the best part of a day.

I am a planner – list, calendars, reminders – you name it, I love it. So naturally I gravitate toward reviewing my goals at night and making a plan for the next day; my to-do list. I had it today: stretching in am & pm, push-ups, billing & staff meeting at the office, prep for my Young Living team call, make Caribbean sweet potato casserole, etc… But, what?!? I somehow, in all my planning, didn’t have sweet potatoes in the house.

Regular potatoes wouldn’t cut it (although I had those) so I decided Ronan & I would go to the store. Besides it being fairly hot out today, I thought it would be most fun to get out the stroller and walk – and it was! Ronan seemed particularly happy with the 5-block journey, laughing as we bumped over uneven sidewalks and staring mesmerized by the multitudes of the freezer aisle (okay – I picked up some ice cream too).

Turns out the unplanned part of my day was my favorite. So, how do I plan more of that into my life? 😉

What unplanned events have made your life better recently?


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