Lots and Lots

It has been a while since I’ve written – we received some news regarding the health of a close family member, and it threw me a bit. But here I am with lots of things to talk about.

Ronan is crawling. Oh boy…just started today and now I know I’m in for it!

The garden is growing like crazy! It’s always hard for me to keep up with the weeding at this time of year. The garden and I eventually end up at a truce; I weed where it’s most important and the weeds win elsewhere. I doubt I’ll ever have a perfect looking garden, but the veggies are delicious!!!

So we are so grateful for this abundance. Grateful for Ronan doing so well. And, grateful for the time we have with the people we love. Life is unpredictable – whether illness, or accident, or old age, we can’t control the time we have. All we can do is savor and appreciate. So thank you for sharing this small moment with me.



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