Meditative Monday

Sometimes I feel I have nothing to write in here, and other moments, like today, I feel I have too much to cover…so many things to catch you up on; reasons I’ve been MIA, thoughts and ruminations since last I posted about my abundant squash, but perhaps it’s best I just dip my toe back in!

So here was my weekend reading that has been consuming me since Sunday morning:

“In regard to man’s final end, all higher religions are in complete agreement. The purpose of human life is the discovery of Truth, the unitive knowledge of the Godhead….Contemplation of truth is the end, action the means…The invention of the steam engine produced a revolution, not merely in industrial techniques, but also and much more significantly in philosophy. Because machines could be made progressively more and more efficient, western man came to believe that men and societies would automatically register a corresponding moral and spiritual improvement. Attention and allegiance came to be paid, not to Eternity, but to the Utopian future. External circumstances came to be regarded as more important than states of mind about external circumstances, and the end of human life was held to be action, with contemplation a means to the end. These false and, historically, aberrant and heretical doctrines are now systematically taught in our schools and repeated, day in, day out, by those anonymous writers of advertising copy who, more than any other teachers, provide European and American adults with their currant philosophy of life.”

-Aldous Huxley from a 1951 Introduction to the Bhagavad-Gita

Okay, I know that’s a long one, but bear with me. Wow.

I have been feeling, more than ever, this conflict within myself regarding my crazy, busy life and the desire for more meaning in my days. I felt recently that each day was simply a big “to-do list” that I just needed to get through. But I don’t want to feel like that! With so many things in my life to be grateful for, this didn’t make any sense. But after reading this…it does.

My days have become this continual striving for all these things outside of myself and the actions it takes to “get there.” This is what society, in general, tells us is important. But that is ultimately unfulfilling. Because my purpose can’t be to do more and more…I will burn out. My purpose has to be contemplating Truth and love, and giving, nay making, time and space in my life to do that. To use my actions as the “means.” To me that means choosing how I spend my time and performing actions that bring me closer to Truth. (And giving myself time to myself, to just be…thanks Katie!)

Every action should be to help bring more love, truth and compassion to his world. I can do that at work, when I’m cooking, in how I raise my children, etc. When thinking about it this way, it automatically brings more meaning into ones life. Not to mention more meaning to just taking a break and recharging ones spirit!

Whew! Okay…that was more than dipping my toe in. Yet, I feel that there is so much more to think about. And perhaps this is a post that is more just for me, but I hope there may be something here for you too!


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