Little, big things.

It’s the little things…

I’m feeling so excited about Ronan’s new shoes. Here’s why, with one book, one blog, and two websites as part of my explanation:

I just finished reading “Living Simply with Children” by Marie Sherlock, a recommendation from Amanda Blake Soule of the blog, Soulemama. It is a simple living lifestyle guide that made me waver between “jeez, I’m a jerk and I feel guilty I’ve fallen into the trap of consumer culture, ruining the planet and taking for granted that most of the world lives in poverty,” and “I can do some of these great little tips and make a big difference for my sanity, my family and the planet too!” Overall, a good read and helped me raise the level of my awareness regarding the impact of some every day actions, such as shopping. Shopping for shoes, for instance.

Simple living rule number one (according to me for the purposes of this post): know where things come from. For example, cheap things massed produced are more than likely causing someone, somewhere far away to work in poor conditions, for very little money, to make crap that is probably polluting the water that said person needs to drink, and is dyed with toxic, synthetic chemicals that disrupt our hormone balance when we wear them by absorbing in our skin, is shipped overseas causing further pollution, and will probably be thrown away when it wears out a few month later because the company made it as cheaply as possible and will now take up space in a landfill. This may be an exaggeration, but it also may not be. Bottom line is we consumers should be more aware of our impact from purchases.

Which brings me to these shoes. Cute. 100% organic cotton outer with bamboo lining. Hand made in Bozeman, Montana by a woman whom I could actually talk to! I wanted some soft-soled shoes for fall and decided to try Etsy and found several great options. I decided to go with the ‘salmon run’ pattern from Little Pitterpat due to their nice pattern, organic materials, and that they are hand sewn! I realize the environmental downside is that they were shipped from Montana – BUT – she used minimal packaging AND the recyclable envelope can be reused a second time.

Simple living rule number two? When you make purchases you can feel great about…you can feel great!

And I do.



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