Posted in October 2013

Nothing Says Fall Like Apples

One of my food projects this week was this easy apple sauce. I say ‘easy’ because it is a no-cook no-peel version made in my vitamix! I pour a little water (1/2 cup?) and cinnamon in the bottom of the vitamix, add chopped pieces of apple and simply blend away. Because it isn’t cooked, or … Continue reading

Meditative Monday

Our family just returned home from Parker Seminars, New York City, a three-day, high energy, chiropractic seminar. It was, as usual, inspiring, energizing and fun! Ronan enjoyed it too, I’m pretty sure everyone knew him by name before we left…his smile and newly learned waving make a pretty good impression. 🙂 Today, in our office, … Continue reading

Fall Fever

Fall Fever

I may get spring fever…I can’t really recall. But, I do know that fall motivates me like no other time of the year. I’m cleaning, organizing, taking walks outside and happily back in my kitchen. Busy, busy, busy. I feel pretty good about yesterday’s accomplishment of baking cookies, bread AND scones. We’re set for the … Continue reading