Fall Fever

I may get spring fever…I can’t really recall. But, I do know that fall motivates me like no other time of the year. I’m cleaning, organizing, taking walks outside and happily back in my kitchen. Busy, busy, busy.

I feel pretty good about yesterday’s accomplishment of baking cookies, bread AND scones. We’re set for the week (end…if I’m not careful to keep an eye on those cookies!)

The bread is a simple brown bread recipe from my most common cooking companion, the Moosewood Cookbook. This one is from their “Low-Fat Favorites,” and while I care not for “low-fat,” I do love this cookbook for its ease and delicious food. Moosewood recipes are written in such a way that I find them easy to play…I can substitute ingredients when I need (or want) and my favorite part is that they often use only one bowl or pot. I find recipes tedious when they have multiple sections and steps; combining some ingredients first, then mixing others in a separate place, chilling this, waiting on that, and by the time your done your kitchen is a catastrophe and you are washing dishes for another hour. Nope…Moosewood recipes typically flow in a “add this, add this, add this…you’re done!” fashion. I like that very much.

The cookies were a mix (Icheated) with Bob’s Red Mill chocolate chip cookie mix. It was on sale and I thought I’d try it…not bad. But not as good as my mom’s recipe (really, what cookies can compare to that?!)

The scones are surprisingly simple as well, but maybe not surprising when the title of the cookbook is called “The Art of Simple Food” by Alice Waters. Again…throw ingredients in a bowl, knead, cut into preferred scone shape, and voila – yum!

I love getting back into the mood of baking and cooking with the cooler fall weather. What kinds of things are happening in your life as the season changes?



One thought on “Fall Fever

  1. Wow! Everything looks so amazing! I am somehow trying to teleport myself to be in the same room as these treats! LOL! =)

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