Posted in November 2013

Um…No Thanks!

As much of America camped out, waited in line, and decided to spend their Friday shopping like sardines, I had a very pleasant day staying as far away from any Black Friday locations as possible. In fact, I spend much of my day devouring blogs espousing the merits of shopping less (or not at all), … Continue reading

So Much to be Thankful For

On this day of Thanksgiving, I have, even more than usual, been thinking about all I am grateful for. I feel blessed, surrounded by supportive family & loving friends. I hope your Thanksgiving has been filled with as much happiness, relaxation, & positive vibes as mine! Blessings to you all. Enjoy your leftovers!

The Break-Up Plan

I have been wanting to share with you something that has totally changed my life for the better. This may be something that everyone else has been doing, (did I just miss the memo?) but if you haven’t, I highly recommend you give it a try. As many of you know, I am a fairly … Continue reading

Meditative Monday

Savor. They are calling for snow tonight. Not much, but enough to remind me of the rapid approach of winter. With my son’s first birthday behind him, the celebration with family too brief, and the swift movement to colder days, I simply wish to savor as much as possible. To remember that this beautiful life … Continue reading