Um…No Thanks!

As much of America camped out, waited in line, and decided to spend their Friday shopping like sardines, I had a very pleasant day staying as far away from any Black Friday locations as possible. In fact, I spend much of my day devouring blogs espousing the merits of shopping less (or not at all), financial independence, and getting to the heart of what makes us truly happier.

Here are my latest obsessions in the blogosphere:

Since I stumbled upon this blog a week ago, I have been trying to catch up on about two-plus years of posts. I am fascinated, amazed, impressed and inspired to become more “mustachian” in my life. A must financial blog for anyone interested in kicking their financial goals into high gear.

I wandered onto this site after reading some comments on Mr. Money Mustache. Right now I am focusing on the “Stock Series” and learning that I should have been doing what I was doing a few years back, but stopped doing because of conflicting financial advice. Now I wish I kept doing it…but it’s not too late. I will be making regular investments again soon!

This is less blog, more program/education/genius/wish I had this years ago site. YNAB is budgeting software that is very inexpensive and can be used on multiple devices. This makes budgeting so easy and flexible – and real!!! I realize that up until this point in my life, while I was aware of my family’s spending, and trying to do the right things, I never knew how to budget correctly. I believe this “little” program is going to change my life. Check it out…it could change yours!

As I prepare to move into the holiday season, I am planning on spending my time on more meaningful activities than shopping. Taking time to appreciate friends and family, making home-made gifts when possible, and relaxing…enjoying the sounds, smells and tastes of everything this season can be!

I wish you your best vision of the holidays too!


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