And just like that…

2013 is over. The holidays are in the past. The whirlwind of visits, drives, wrapping, unwrapping…and the celebration of a life cut too short. An unexpected end. Just like that.

If this most recent loss of my stepmother taught me one thing, it is, life is too short, brief and unpredictable to give over any of it to negativity – toward myself or others. Love, kindness, generosity and an excitement to spend time doing the important things (which are, coincidentally, the little things that we often don’t schedule in…tea with a friend, a walk in the park, reading on a rainy day, calling to just ‘catch up’) these are the things which add value to our days. My stepmother was a model of love and compassion. I am holding her example close to my heart.

So on this cold and rainy January day, in this new year, I plan on being gentle with myself. I plan on reducing the ‘busy-ness’ that prevents truly living. I plan on allowing myself the time to play, to talk, to rest, to knit, to write, to create, to cuddle. Or to just be idle, and let it all sink in. I plan on enjoying as much as possible. Both the stillness and the activity.

Just this morning, I finished a book I, at first, was reluctant to read. Afraid it would be too heartbreaking…with imagery or ideas more cruel than I usually allow into my mind. But it was a surprise. All things were not what I expected and ultimately, “Things We Set on Fire, ” by Deborah Reed, ended up being much more beautiful a novel than I imagined. In the spirit of this post, and my hopes for all of us to live out a happier and healthier new year, I share with you this excerpt from her book:

“…that the world could change in an instant, and she needed to be mindful of where she was, to live with intention, to always recognize the deliberateness of love.”

May your 2014 be full of love. Indeed, allow love, in all things.




One thought on “And just like that…

  1. So lovely.  We just learned today about the death of your stepmother.  May I add one thing.  Every death is catastrophic to those around the departed.  Aim to love yourself enough so that you immediately take care of any medical issue.  Don’t induce chaos into your own life and those that you love by being impetuous or careless.   That is definitely living life with intent. Our love and sympathy,

    Grandad and Cecily

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