I’m a Tea & Scones Kinda Girl

Apparently. Tea & scones just make my day. Despite the fact I had a friend reschedule her visit, I’m sitting here enjoying this moment by myself. Baby is napping. Husband out. Quiet bliss…for a moment. 🙂

Three delicious Young Living Orange & cranberry scones later (ahem), I am taking a moment in my bliss to suggest a book I have been absolutely caught up in. For any of you interested in family, education, America, the economy, food, feminism, craft, or living on this planet sustainably (that should cover all of you, no?)- read Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes. If for nothing else but the conversation it stimulates…read it!

I am not all the way though it, so I feel a full on review is not possible, but it has me riveted. I am amazed by how much it ties together so many of the thoughts, conversations, concerns & actions of my friends & family. Could it be possible that the solution to so many of our problems (BIG problems!) can be helped or solved by a shift in perspective and a reconnection with Home?

I capitalize ‘home’ to emphasize that within this book, we realize home is not just a building we sleep in, but a powerful place to instigate a radical and needed shift in our society. That Home, if properly utilized, has the potential to change the world for the better!

If you have read it, please comment and let me know how it changed or confirmed what you are doing. If you have not read it, please do, and then let me know what you think! Ready to start a revolution? I am. From my Home!



One thought on “I’m a Tea & Scones Kinda Girl

  1. Terra, you know I agree.  For decades, home has been a crash pad-somewhere you go when you’re too tired to go anywhere else.  People are angry and they don’t even know why.

    I work hard at keeping a nice home-i t means a lot to Grandad and to me-and I work equally hard at producing healthy interesting food that will help him to continue to recover.  It’s wonderful that, at your age, you are recognizing the value of what you are doing.  You will have a happy marriage and happy children.

    When you’re here, I want to go over the Moosewood cookbook with you to see what you have made.  I think Grandad thinks that some magical day he’ll go back to all his old goodies, and I disagree.  I did make minestrone with white beans which he loves, so there’s hope.



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