Way, way too long!

So, since my last post, oh…ages ago, we’ve moved to the country, traveled to Michigan, Utah, Philadelphia, & York. It feels like a whirlwind, but in the midst of all of this we’ve managed to make a few additions to the family (two kittens & a puppy!)

I know, I know…we’re crazy! But now that we are in the country, it feels right to bring some animals back into our lives. It can get a little intense at moments, but it has been so much fun having them around. And aren’t they cute?




Studies show that owning pets correlates to happier and longer lives, and less stress! Must be all that purring and napping they do! What animals are bringing joy to your lives lately?

Ps – I’m planning on chickens and maybe some mini-goats next year! Yup…crazy!


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