Meditative Monday

“Be Still”

These are the words my friend opened with today in her ’30 Days for Peace’ Facebook group. She asked us to take just five minutes, breathe…and be still.

As I read them this morning, I thought, “okay, no problem, I can find five minutes.” It is now 7:32pm and instead of being still, I am writing to you. Granted, stillness with am almost 2-year-old, two kittens & a puppy is pretty close to impossible, but surely I filled all of my possible 5 minutes with lots of stuff.

The next thing on my list, checking email, checking Facebook, meeting a friend, making a phone call – using all my minutes as much as possible.

Somehow stillness seems wasteful, like I just threw away those minutes when I could have been productive. What is it about stillness that is so hard for us (especially those of us in America)?

Another friend recently returned from a grueling last summer session of her graduate school and felt terrible about three days on the couch and sleeping so much. From the outside, I could completely justify this “wasting of time.” She earned it, needed it, and deserved it. Her body clearly agreed. I kept trying to tell her it was okay. The verdict is out on whether she believed me.

In turn, why can’t I take my 5 minutes? Don’t I earn it, need it, and deserve it too? I don’t think I have a solution or answer. Stillness is hard, awkward, and guilt-inducing. But I suppose the only way to get passed all that is to start.

So, not right now…a little later, after some more stuff, I’m going to take my 5 minutes. Really, I am.


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