Wasn’t Sure I was Ready for Fall…

But I am! When the weather first started seeming a bit chilly last week, I lamented our too-short summer and the rarity of temperatures above 90.

As we plunge, truly, into what feels and looks like fall – cold night-time temperatures, leaves dropping to the ground, my need to actually wear a hat yesterday morning – I am starting to feel my yearly excitement for scarves, being in my kitchen, and the general work of turning in.

Soon I will be harvesting the last of my sad little garden (it didn’t produce much this year as I tried to figure out our new setting of soil and light) and prepping it for winter. I have a plan though, and along with my new vigor for the seasonal change, I’m actually excited to put the garden to rest. I’ve been reading a bit about soil, nutrients and weeds – And as the leaves fall from the trees, it will help my plan along. Step 1 – cover the beds with our compost from the year. Step 2 – have teenager rake up the leaves (her idea to make some extra cash). Step 3 – chop up leaves and cover beds up to about 4 inches.

I’m excited to see how this helps our garden for next year. Oh, yes…I can’t forget to plant the garlic!

What seasonal preparations are you enjoying currently?


One thought on “Wasn’t Sure I was Ready for Fall…

  1. I’m sure.  I’m not ready for fall.  It has only been since Labor Day weekend that we have enjoyed the warm days that we missed last summer, and I am holding on to every strand.  I have finally been able to do some swimming after missing being in Lake Huron for the first summer of my life because it was too cold. We’re due for another bad storm tomorrow and the weather will be cooler, but I don’t want to cut back the perennials in the back, or even think about digging out the annuals in the front.  Of course, the sweet alyssum which is supposed to be an annual is an aggressive self-seeder and we have that no matter what we do.

    I now have to come back to earth and remember to be responsible.  I have to pick up the threads of all the projects I abandoned for the summer.  In other words, it’s back to reality.   But the Farmer’s Market is stuffed with wonderful vegetables of all sizes, kinds, and descriptions, plus the vivid colors of the late summer flowers.  Maybe this will be the year I go back to canning tomatoes.   Grandad is improving.  He has had bad days after which he moves into the guest room and uses the diffuser.  It always makes him better.  Thanks so much for thinking of it.   We love you and miss you.  Love, G & C

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