Are you feeding your mind?

I’m a believer in feeding one’s mind, body and soul on a regular basis. In fact, I believe it should be on a daily basis. I’m always interested in good books, audios, and resources to help me dream bigger and improve how I’m getting there, which is why I’m so excited about the arrival of my newest book: The 10th Anniversary edition of Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles.”

I heard of this book only recently (despite it being around for ten years) and it was during an interview with Jack Canfield for Success Magazine…I was so inspired by his interview, and what this book is about, I actually pre-ordered it!

It arrived this past week, and with some time today…and some tea…I started reading. Wow, this book will be a power-packed experience I’m sure. Just reading the forward was amazing – so many success stories, I will be sure to take these principles to heart.

I look forward to sharing with you some of the journey this book will open up, as I’m sure it will be a journey! In the meantime, maybe check out your own copy, enjoy the Superbowl, and let me know what you’re doing to feed your body, mind and soul this week!


One thought on “Are you feeding your mind?

  1. Terra, You are so terribly right about that.  The past two winters have been dreadful for us, so I am doing the following to feed my mind.   1. We order PBS videos on many different subjects and watch them at night after dinner   2. I just finished a novel about the British Raj in India.  Learned a lot about both India and the Raj.   I wish Grandad could do more.  He really benefitted from the symphony and the lectures at the DIA.  He’s not a book reader.  Any suggestions? Love, Cecily

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