Two Years…A Whole New Life

For two years I have been passing by a little reminder on my iphone calendar every Saturday night. “Blog.” I notice it every week, and with a slight sinking feeling, think, “oh, I’ll get to that next week.” For TWO years. I hadn’t realized it was two…I thought it was only one. Oh boy. Two years I have been out of integrity with myself.

In recent weeks, I have felt a strong pull back to this platform. To build on what I started. I know I need to get back here to share. My journey of the past two years have taken me in directions I never would have dreamed…some amazing & wonderful, some terrifying & devastating, and like all our lives – completely blessed.

I am recommitting to you. I am re-energized to be sharing my discoveries in the pursuit (and presence) of a happier, healthier life. I am here and thrilled to be moving beyond my own fears of “putting myself out there” and knowing there are bigger things at play. I thank you for being a part of this journey and look forward to sharing the many joys, sorrows, breakthroughs, and moments we have ahead of us.


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