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How to Plan Your New Year Goals

How to Plan Your New Year Goals

I’m a list maker, so as you might imagine, I’ve already written down my 2015 goals. Have you? Writing your goals is the first step toward achieving them. If you haven’t already, take some time to complete this critical step. I have been loving following the Oola outline for my goal setting, from “Oola” by … Continue reading

Um…No Thanks!

As much of America camped out, waited in line, and decided to spend their Friday shopping like sardines, I had a very pleasant day staying as far away from any Black Friday locations as possible. In fact, I spend much of my day devouring blogs espousing the merits of shopping less (or not at all), … Continue reading

Inspiration Overload

Can one read too many self-improvement books at one time? Maybe. But it’s fun. After going to Utah for the Young Living Convention a few weeks ago, I have been inspired to pick up a number of very cool books. One of which is titled “Oola: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World” by Dave Braun … Continue reading

Meditative Monday

Rain then sun. Cold then warm. Light and dark. Good and…better days (as my yoga teacher would say). The natural ebb and flow. This weekend we finally saw signs of spring! Some warmer weather is on it’s way, not moment too soon. Sometimes I get discouraged and frustrated with myself if I’m not always “up,” … Continue reading

Getting Down to Business

As anyone who has read the “about” section knows, this blog is about the many facets of wellness. I believe that to be truly successful, we need to be working toward & achieving goals in all the categories in our life & one of those is financial. While the number & type of categories may … Continue reading